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GPC Seminar:
"The class was well organized and very helpful to us, and now we are finally able to start collecting some data."

UV-VIS Seminar:
"UV courses are difficult to find, and Dr. Bicking's course was unique and custom designed to suit our needs. It was well-designed and delivered, and assisted us as we moved into the more advanced UV-based methods. Our employees benefitted both from the refresher portion and the new information disseminated. This was an outstanding program."
Advanced LC Seminar:
"Excellent presentation overall. Depth of knowledge was outstanding!"
ChemStation Training:
"I have been using this software for years and was unaware of some of the features."
LC Training:
"Lots of practical information."
Lab Techniques:
"Drove home the reason to do analytical lab techniques the right way."
Method Development:
"Cheaper column, less hazardous mobile phase, better separation in less time. I am very happy!."
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Laboratory Best Practices
We provide stress relief for analytical laboratories who are:
Not fully utililizing their staff and equipment
In need of new or better methods
Looking for a range of technical support options
We have a comprehensive support program to solve these problems:



Lab Life-Line

Practical training for analytical lab staff, from basic to advanced levels.
On-Site Training
On-Line Learning Center

Solutions for your technical problems.

Consulting details.
Download methods.

Workflow Optimization: Improve how your laboratory generates results.

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Complete List of Webinar Topics

Download our new flyer for Practical Guide To Reversed Phase LC seminar.

Download our new flyer for Secrets of OpenLab ChemStation webinars.

Download our flyer for Secrets of Version B Chemstation webinars.

New from ACCTA, Inc.

Read our latest publication: "Investing to Save." Learn how using ROI calculations can help your lab.

Contact us for information on maintenance training for Agilent Infinity HPLC instruments.

Our consulting services are now serving international clients. Read more.

New from ACCTA, Inc.

Jump Start Your HPLC Column Selection:
Learn about our Column Screening Service

Download the flyer for our new Column Screening Service:
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Many labs are wasting staff time and resources with inefficient workflows. It may be costing you more than just time. Contact us for details.


Upcoming Events
Chicago LC School
Des Plaines, IL
21-23 March 2017

Infinity Series HPLC Maintenance and Troubleshooting (2 days)
OpenLab ChemStation Oparation (C versions) (4 days)
24 January 2017

Agilent Infinity Series HPLC with OpenLAB 2.x Essential and Advanced Operation
4-7 April 2017

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ACCTA, Inc. forms a strategic partnership with CHROMacademy. We will participate in webcasts and offer live presentations of CHROMacademy's outstanding content to North American audiences.


ACCTA, Inc. forms strategic partnership with ChromAfrica LLC ., offering our content to help train East Africa scientists.

Looking for a place on the web to get help, find colleagues, or just learn something new? Join us at www.scientistsolutions.com. This is an exciting site that offers something for just about any scientist.


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