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Practical Guide to Reversed Phase LC

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Is Your Lab: Did You Know?
Using reversed phase LC methods? You are not alone. A majority of labs use
reversed phase procedures, but few analysts
have a good understanding of the critical
Only using one column type, probably a C18? All C18 columns are not the same. Even C18 columns from the same manufacturer can produce different chromatographic results.
Not sure how to troubleshoot your method or make it better? There are six critical variables in any reversed phase experiment, and all need to be checked.
Thinking about buying new instruments, new columns, or both? The instrument and column work together, and not all combinations will be successful.

In this intensive one day session we can help you understand all of these issues,
and more, by:

  • Showing you how to efficiently use both your current RP method and
  • Providing guidance or how to upgrade your method and/or instrument to
    modern performance standards!


  • Review of Fundamental Relationships
    • How to speak “chromatographer”
  • Trends in Particle and Instrument Design
    • What is new and why should you care?
  • Reversed-Phase Operating Mode
    • Critical operating variables
  • Column Selectivity in Reversed-Phase Mode
    • Why are columns different and how can we measure those differences?
  • Upgrading your LC Methods
    • Improving both isocratic and gradient methods
  • Practical Operating Tips
    • Best Practices in HPLC
  • Final Review and Discussion

Prerequisite: Basic understanding and experience with reversed phase liquid chromatography (0.5 - 3 years).

Course Length: 1 day

Download our new flyer.

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