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Creatine and Creatinine by HPLC

Existing analytical methods for creatine (and creatinine) are not optimized when compared to current HPLC technology. The columns are too long, the mobile phase typically requires addition of buffers and ion-pairing agents, and retention times are longer than they should be. Such systems reduce the lifetime of your HPLC components (all mobile phases with dissolved solids to this!), use too much mobile phase (increasing purchase and disposal costs), and make you wait for an answer.

We have developed a new method that eliminates these problems.

With this method you will:

  • Reduce analysis cycle time, thus increasing your analytical throughput and decreasing analytical costs.
  • Save money on mobile phase preparation time and materials costs.
  • Achieve better reproducibility due to simplified preparation and operating procedures.

The method has the following characteristics:

  • Uses a simple and inexpensive mobile phase that does not require buffers or ion pairing agents.
  • Uses a commercially available column from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Can be used on any modern HPLC equipped with an absorbance detector operating at 210 nm.
  • Is linear from 10 - 300 ug/mL (ppm) as creatine monohydrate and creatinine hydrochloride. Lower concentrations can also be detected.
  • Has an analysis time of less than 2 minutes!
  • Has been used successfully for hundreds of analyses in our laboratory.

Our method includes the following information:

  • Materials and Equipment
  • Preparation of Standards
  • Preparation of Mobile Phase
  • Instrument Equilibration and Calibration
  • Analysis Conditions
  • Sample Preparation Suggestions
  • Quality Control
  • Calculations
  • Performance Data (see table below)
Performance Data % RSD
Parameter Creatine Creatinine
Retention Time (1) 1.19 % (n = 89) 0.68 % (n = 84)
Peak Area (2) 0.18 % (n = 6) 0.20 % (n = 6)

(1) Value for all injections (standards and samples) in a sequence of 89 injections.
(2) Value for 30 ug/mL standard injected throughout sequence (beginning, end, and
every 20 injections during sequence).

You can purchase the details of this method using one of the following options:

  • Purchase the method details and a license to use this method, with installation and training by your own staff.
    • Cost: $49, Delivery: electronic (pdf format).
    • Payment: Purchase Order/Check or order on-line.
  • Purchase the method details and a license to use this method, with on-site training at your facility by our staff.
    • Cost: Call for quote, Delivery: one day of on-site installation and training.
    • Payment: Purchase Order/Check
  • Purchase the method details, a license to use this method, and method development services to adapt the method to your specific product(s).
    • Cost: to be determined based on your individual needs
    • Payment: Purchase Order/Check

Analysis of your samples in our laboratory is also possible. Please contact us for more information, or to receive one free analysis of your sample type.

Why Pay For a Method?

Our expertise is developing and optimizing methods. If you aren't in the business of method development, you would never be able to develop a rugged method like this one for under $1000. If you do method development, you will recognize the value in having the basic operating parameters already identified.

We have done the work for you, and are offering the method details for less than it would cost to develop the method in your laboratory.

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