Column Screening Service

Need to select a new column for your LC method? We can help!

  • New method and you don't know where to start?
  • Existing column is not producing a good separation?
  • Not enough retention, or too much retention?

You need a new column!

Column selection can be confusing. There are too many options, and even C18 columns can produce different chromatography and selectivity. Selecting the best column can be both time-consuming and expensive. You need a way to quickly, efficiently, and cheaply evaluate multiple columns.

We can help!
Download the flyer for our new Column Screening Service: docx format, pdf format.

Our unique column screening service Is unlike any other. Most method development programs are designed to develop the entire method. That may be convenient, but it is very expensive. A typical method development project might cost more than $10,000! Our service is provided at a fraction of that cost.

Why Is Our Column Screening Service Better? Major Benefits For You
You do not need to buy multiple columns for evaluation Reduce expenses by not buying columns that you will never use again
You do not need to be an expert on column selection Take advantage of our expertise at a reduced cost to you
You do not need to reserve your time and equipment for developmental activities You have enough to do now, right?
You get a fast answer and a column recommendation that is more likely to be successful Complete your project sooner by getting help with the most difficult, and most important, step in the development process

You Provide:

  • Information on your compounds (name, structure, known properties and problems)
  • Reference standards, blank product matrix, and actual product mixture (if applicable)
  • Columns and mobile phase combinations you would like to evaluate - select from our list (we can help you with this step)

We Will Produce:

  • Chromatograms from screening gradients for all requested columns and conditions.
  • Summary of operating conditions
  • (Optional) Recommendations for future optimization work.

Download the flyer for our new Column Screening Service: docx format, pdf format.